Excellence on display

Dedicated Professionalism

Our founders are clinicians themselves with over a dozen years of experience. We’ve developed a better approach, defining us as the authority in the field. Attuned to your needs and struggles, we zero-in on rapid solutions without compromising on proficiency.

Committed Therapy

We are driven to provide unwavering quality care for you and your child. Navigating a comprehensive, tailored one-on-one path, we focus on individual needs, goals and objectives - leading you with clarity every step of the way.

Exclusive Staff

We go the extra mile to ensure all our providers represent our passionate vision. Warm, caring experts, they train you as partners in supplementing therapy, so your child’s hidden potential empowers a bright shining future.

Cross Sensitivity

We are socially conscious and highly supportive of the wide range of clients from varying backgrounds, cultures, demographics, ages and severity of diagnosis that we consistently work together with.

A Standing Ovation
David Turner
"We owe so much gratitude to Level Ahead. Treating us as if we are their only client, we experienced a rapid response to our therapy request and a truly impressive program that proved their implementation of ABA really works!"
Rebecca Arnold
"We were encouraged by Level Ahead’s positivity and confidence in their abilities. After pairing us with a loving ABA specialist in the comfort of our own home, our child underwent an intense program totally tailored to his needs. The amazing results - a child with newfound skills and confidence to meet the future!"
Molly Hughes
“Not only was the therapist suited to our child’s needs (and moods), but we were treated as valuable partners in the process and given proper training so that we could deal with the challenges while she was not present.”
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