The pride of therapy


Matched according to you and your child’s needs, one of our warm, caring therapists provides tailored ABA behavioral therapy to meet targeted, social and emotional milestones.

Natural setting

Though we can facilitate therapy in any location if necessary, our primary base is within the natural environment of your home for the most effective treatment-response.

Parent training

We band together with you and your family. We provide the guidance and support by training you how to offer the supplemental involvement of after-therapy hours.

Frequently asked questions

Therapy can take place within a group or individually at  daycare, community center or home. Level Ahead ABA is focused on one-on-one behavioral intervention. Though we can facilitate therapy in any of the fore-mentioned locations if necessary, our primary base is in the natural environment of the client’s home where parents can be trained to participate in implementing methods and the familiarity of setting puts a child at ease. Therefore, we recommend starting with Autism therapy at home.

According to conducted studies, it’s best to begin therapy at a young age when learning new skills is easiest. Starting therapy later on though, is not a lost cause and can result in profound accomplishment as well. Here, at Level Ahead ABA, we treat infants through young adulthood.

BCBA refers to a licensed Board Certified Behavior Analyst. A BCBA-D is someone who holds a doctorate degree; a BCBA is someone who has a master’s degree; and a BCaBA has a bachelor’s degree. All have training in the ABA principles and provide support to clients and their families by coordinating, supervising and evaluating services.

An RBT is a Registered Behavior Technician. The RBT is a paraprofessional that works under the auspices of a BCBA as a trained practitioner of Applied Behavior Analysis. The RBT is the ABA therapist that implements individual plans created by the BCBA and works directly with clients and their families.

Every child’s needs are different so there is not a one-size-fits-all answer. Our ABA therapy success rate varies from case to case. The crucial point in regard to all cases is consistent, intense therapy. Level Ahead ABA’s treatment plans generally revolve around 15 to 25 hours of therapy per week.

We have the highest of standards, resulting in a team made up of only the very qualified. Besides professional credentials, our ABA specialists share our passion for client-focused warm, personalized therapy and undergo continuous refresher training courses.

Though ABA therapy is a costly program, insurance coverage makes it highly affordable. Level Ahead ABA participates with most major insurance providers and navigates the entire approval process from start to finish. For those without approved coverage, Level Ahead offers reasonable and convenient payment plans that significantly ease the brunt of the cost of ABA therapy.

Let’s do this together.